Mocdrol Products

Hard Chrome

Mocdrol has one of the most modern and safe hard chroming facilities in South America. The facility is totally automated and has 19 tanks with application capacity of 180.000dm² per month.

The hard chroming facility was designed according to the latest national and international (ISO 14001) environmental conservation standards. All the tanks operate above the ground and have leaking proof system, avoiding any possible ground contamination. All process residual materials are treated in an ETS (Effluent Treatment Station) and are discarded by third part specialized companies.



•       Chroming of solid and tabular rods for hydraulic cylinders

•       Chroming of internal body of hydraulic cylinders

•       Chroming of internal body of concrete pump cylinders

•       Chroming of parts for the automotive industry


Technical Specifications:

-  Maximum rod's length: 2,7 meters

-  Salt spray resistance: 100 hours

-  Layer thickness: 25 to 200 micra

-  Roughness: 0,2 to 0,4 micron

-  Hardness: 1.000 Vickers or 60-70 HRC